Viera Goroľová

My name is Viera Goroľová. I was born in 1980. I am married and I have two children. I live in a village called Soľ. I am proud to be Romani.

I had been spiritually blind till 2009. I lived in lies, believed in superstitions and mystical activities. One day the Band F6 practised evangelisation in our village. Their performance, songs and attestations touched my soul. In the next few days my husband and I was invited to a course Filip, during which God opened my eyes. I accepted Jesus as my Lord, Messiah and King. I gave my life to God’s hands to be at his service.

I devote myself to volunteering because it fulfils me. I only live when I can and am allowed to help those who need it. I focus on children and youth regardless of their nationalities. I try to build their self-esteem and to motivate them to serve, to be unified and to believe in faith. Through my own interests in them I want them not to feel inferior and to have a courage to enter into new levels.

God’s word states: ‘God did not give us a shy spirit. God gave us a spirit of strength, love and courage.’ (Second letter to Timothy 1,7). Roma people fear the new, Slovakians and future due to their own feelings of inferiority. I believe that God will remove these feelings also through my services. I believe that this will break down the prejudice towards Slovakians.

My professional affairs

● organisation of local voluntary events
● organisation of spiritual and social events
● creative activity in the art studio

● co-operation of the set up of the biblical children’s school
● co-operation with the voluntary portal
● co-operation with the voluntary centre in Presov

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