Tadeáš Gavala

My name is Tadeáš Gavala. I was born in 1991. My wife and I live in Košice. I am Slovakian and I am proud of it. 🙂

I changed spiritually in 2006, in one winter scout camp where there were mainly Romani boys. In march 2007 my two Romani friends and I set up a band F6. God has been inviting me to serve Roma more intensively since the formation of the band. He revealed us that he wants us to continue with our service as a band as he hopes for the reconciliation between Roma and Slovak nations. Therefore, we decided to set up The Art Centre F6 in 2017 (organisational brach of Greek-Catholic Roma Mission) where I am the coordinator.

I am one of the workmen called by the God to harvest in Romani nation. I believe that God will change many Roma through our work. I believe that God will build new Christian-Roma culture and art. I believe that God will tear down the walls of prejudice and hatred between Slovakian and Romani nations. I believe that the realm 133 will come true one day: ‘How lovely and nice when all brothers live together.’

My professional affairs

● administrator for the on-line F6 SHOP
● administrator for The Art Centre F6 (UC F6) website
● administrator for podporujememisionara.sk portal
● administrator for the UC F6 YouTube channel
● responsible for the production of regular newsletters

● coordinator for the video project RomaSlovak
● coordinator for Band F6 educational concerts
● being responsible for the art studio
● being responsible for UC F6 publishing
● being responsible for the language corrections in Rómska Samária magazine
● song writer

Photo gallery

With F6 band brothers

Clip Recording: O Del man dikhel

Music festival CampFest