Róbert Neupauer

My name is Róbert Neupauer. I was born in 1975. My wife Marta and I have one son. Following my graduation in journalism I began to work for one daily newspaper in Bratislava. During that time I felt that God was inviting me to join Roma. I returned to my home region Spiš, Krížová Ves, where I have worked for 17 years now. Since 2007 Roma spiritual-social centre has been participating towards positive changes within the local community.

I sense that now is the time to build solid foundations of Roma Mission to continue to spread the positive changes from previous communities to the new ones. That is why I am responsible for publishing a magazine called Rómska Samária. I also support other servants through Formation for service within Roma communities. I coordinate the maintenance of Network of Engaged Public and Individuals for Roma Ethnicity SAVORE that connects Roma and Slovakians and engage them in various social activities in Romani communities (local politics, entrepreneurship, pastoral and social work, schooling and education, youth, culture and arts).

We live in a historical period of a mission avalanche between Roma. During the last 700 years, since Roma entered Europe, there has not been as much change amongst Roma as for the last 50 years after Pope Pavol VI said to Roma: ‘You are in the heart of the Church.’ I believe that Roma are a mission possible! I experience it myself.

My professional affairs

● coordinator for SAVORE
● chief editor and graphic designer for magazine Rómska Samária
● co-organisation of Formation in Romani communities dedicated to leaders
● co-organisation of Fundamentals (basic catholic education)
● preparation of a formation system for conversed Roma, from the basic level to the level of building servants and leaders
● preparation of projects for Greek-Catholic Roma Mission
● being responsible for Roma spiritual-social centre in Krizova Ves
● coordination of laical missionary activities of Gloria Gray in Slovakia

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Evangelisation with Gloria Gray

Formation of Roma servants

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