Peter Gomolák

My name is Peter Gomolák and I am 38. My wife and I live in Stara Lubovna. In 2005 I started to work as a terrain social worker in one Roma settlement in Podsadok (one of the urban areas of Stara Lubovna). A place where my own spiritual journey began.

Every one of us faces stereotyping that causes black and white view on the world. Mainly the prejudice stops us see the truth. This problem seems to be more occurring in relation to the Romani communities. Therefore, through my long term experience, God has been clearly showing me that stereotypes are most likely broken down by an active participation.

My life experiences help me to support others. I am happy to create new hopes for people who have been entrusted to me. We reveal and enhance our own worlds, we are a gift for one another, we break down the barriers and forgive the sins of the past.

God gave me his blessing to participate in the Roma Mission in more profound way. I joined the Band F6 which hopes for reconciliation between Romani and Slovakian nations. I could see, however, that God wanted more from us and that is why we set up a civil association The Art Centre F6, where I am the statutory body.

The harvest is great, yet there aren’t that many workmen. I believe that God will wake up the true faith, willingness to go forward and not stand in one place through the Roma Mission works. We need to take wholesome steps, steps of spiritual course and growth, because Roma will enhance this world and the goodness within it. I want to participate in this huge craze in Slovakia! 🙂

My professional affairs

● statutory body of the social association The Art Centre F6
● administrator for the Band F6 Facebook page
● administrator for the Band F6 Instagram account
● administrator for portal
● being responsible for the startup of social business
● project manager

● coordinator for SAVORE for youth, culture and art
● coordinator for the Mission activities in children’s homes
● coordinator for the Reconciliation Tour
● coordinator for the Bararas project
● coordinarot for the LAV video project
● guarantor for the Schopne Deti project

Photo gallery

Video recording: Zaplav ma Láskou

TEDx Presentation of activities in Prague

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