Lukáš Bužo

My name is Lukáš Bužo and I am 26. My wife and I live in Stara Lubovna. When I was 12 I got to know o. Martin Mekel who brought me to God through his scouting activities. I participated in the set up of the Centre for Roma in Čičava where I volunteered through the spiritual, artistic and free-time activities. I discovered singing through the band, Praising team of which I was a member for two years. I also played theatre during that time.

In 2007 I set up a band called F6, where I became the main singer and frontman. Our first set of performances were in Roma settlements in Vranov region. With time the God gave us a thought of reconciliation between Roma and Slovak nations, and therefore, we started to prepare our services for Slovakians. It was a period of many changes for me. Since then our God hasn’t stopped influence me from within. Our band have significantly moved forward during the last ten years – we set up a civil association The Art Centre F6. We realised that it wasn’t just about our band anymore, but about systematic and focused work on a particular vision.

I hope for Romani and Slovakian generations to grow and be able to positively change and build the Church through the works of art and moral values. The vision and activities stemming from this require complete focus, however. It is a mission that needs people’s full time and attention. I have joined this mission with a belief that what I do today will not only bring the goodness for my own future but for the future of the whole Slovakia.

My professional affairs

● director at the music festival FestRom
● frontman of the Roma-Slovakian band F6
● financial officer at The Art Centre F6
● being responsible for the production in the art studio
● creative Leader at the art studio

● Coordinator for missionary activities in settlements
● Coordinator for missionary activities in prisons
● Coordinator for the project Bararas
● Coordinator for SAVORE for youth, culture and art
● language corrections of materials in Roma language

Photo gallery

Evangelization in Roma settlement

With the youth

Educational school concert