Igor Turták

My name is Igor. I live in Hlinne. My wife and I have six children. Two of our boys suffer from brain damage. If I hadn’t spiritually converted I don’t know how I would have handled such situation. During those times God kept me secure through the faith and the Holy Scriptures. He encouraged me to believe that he would help me to deal with all difficulties, and he did. He started to heal my inner spirit, my relationships with my family and to prepare me to serve others.

A few years ago, the God invited me to serve through Evangelisation. At the beginning I only served in my region, however, later on, the doors of other regions began to open too. Now I can see with my own eyes how God turns Romani nation through Evangelisation. Evangelisation has a power to redeem Romani souls too. (Jacob’s letter 1,21).

My vision is the words of my Lord Jesus Christ: ‘There is no one who left their house, brothers or sisters, mother or father, children or fields for the gospel and not be able to have one hundred times more in return and an eternal life in the future. ‘ (Mark’s Gospel 10,29n). I believe that God will invite others to serve. I believe that one day I will have a team of evangelists who will spread the word of Jesus Christ in all Romani settlements.

My professional affairs

● evangelic gatherings in Roma settlements
● formational gatherings for evangelic team

● local prayer gatherings for all age groups
● spreading Evangelic material in villages and towns

Photo gallery

Evangelization in Jakubany

Evangelization in Čirč

Evangelization in Krajná Bystrá