Roma Mission motto:

Christ within the hearts of Roma,
Roma within the heart of the Church

Is it necessary to travel to Africa or Asia if I want to »become a missioner« ?

Of course not! The Missionary work has been carried out also in Slovakia and you can be a part of it!

Our hearts have been longing for the mission within the Roma nation since 2005… We dream for this nation’s conversion and inner healing. We dream for reconciliation and cooperation between Roma and Slovakian nations. We believe in changes that can influence the whole society.

If you would like to be a part of this Missionary work, you are in the right place.

You can join us in many different ways: prayers, material or financial support and donation, personal participation…

Dear friend, join us! If we join our forces together we will create unstoppable changes in Slovakia that are anticipated by our almighty Father. Come and gather all heavenly treasures by supporting servants in Roma mission who follow Jesus Christ’s words. » Go and spread Evangelism within all nations around the world. «

The portal podporujemmisionara.sk is an initiative of the Greek-Catholic Roma Mission organisation.

Supra-regional missioners

Lukáš Bužo

» I hope that the Romani generation will grow and their art will positively influence the Church. «

Tadeáš Gavala

» I believe that God will tear down the walls of prejudice and hatred between Slovak and Roma nations. « 

Peter Gomolák

» God himself has been showing me, for a long time, that stereotypes can only be broken down by an active participation. «

Róbert Neupauer

» Now it is the time to sow the seeds of peace between Roma and Slovakians. «

Regional missioners

Marta Goroľová

» I believe that Roma families will lead the true Christian life and serve God. «

Viera Goroľová

» I would like children and teenagers to feel secure and brave. «

Maroš Jóny

» I believe that God will free the Roma nation from the evil and will heal them from their own insecurities. «

Igor Turták

» I believe that one day I together with my Evangelic team will spread the Christ’s word in all settlements. «

Roma Mission in Slovakia needs your support

You can support it in these ways:


Priest covering the support of missionaries

o. Martin Mekel

Director at
Greek-Catholic Roma Mission

o. Igor Čikoš

Director at GRM
for Bardejov region

o. Leontín Lizák

Director at GRM
for Stará Ľubovňa region

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